Saturday, September 11, 2010


Vegan Cupcakes....could you just die, or what?!?! Oh my goodness, BFF...if you love cupcakes (and I know you do), you MUST get this cookbook:

 Even if you are not vegan, this is a cupcake-lover's and baker's must! I promise you that these cupcakes are better than anything with eggs & dairy. They are so moist & so tasty & so very easy to make! My non-vegan friends and family love mother thinks they are better than the local bakery's vegan cupcake & my friend says they are the best cupcakes in the world!

These are the Green Tea cupcakes with my own added touch of silver sprinkles. I made them last easy!!! And just look how pretty!

The cupcakes pictured here are Chocolate Stout cupcakes. The husband makes these (see I told you easy!), and they are so rich and delicious! So good with a tall glass of ice cold soy milk!

Here are the Banana Split cupcakes (my personal favs!)...aren't they pretty??

So my challenge to you BFF is this... Next time there is a birthday party or event that calls for cupcakes...give vegan cupcakes a chance! I guarantee that everyone will rave about them! And don't go making a batch of "regular" cupcakes as back up...I promise you won't need them! Anyone will enjoy these, unless there is something seriously wrong with their which case we'll forgive them.


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