Thursday, September 1, 2011

BFF...Let's talk about labels.

Dear BFF,
I'm in a mood. I'm a little cantankerous, if you must know. It has been recently brought to my attention that there are some vegans who really do not like when vegetarians call themselves "veganish" or "95% vegan". I can understand to a point because truthfully, if you are 95% vegan or veganish you ARE in fact vegetarian and not vegan. Refresher - Vegan = nothing from an animal...dairy, eggs, honey, leather, wool, etc. You see the difference? Veganism goes beyond what you put in your pie's a lifestyle. And it is a wonderful lifestyle if I do say so myself.

Now, here's where I get angry. It is not a pissing contest to see who can be more vegan. I don't think these labels make all that much of a difference...if you are vegetarian, almost vegan, 95% vegan, veganish, I think it's awesome! I applaud you all for taking any step at all in the direction of saving animals lives. If you stop eating meat...I'll light up my lighter and sing you "Free Bird"; if you give up eggs...I'll do a cartwheel; if you give up dairy...Rock 'n Roll high kick for you my friend; stop wearing leather?...I'll play you "Paparazzi" on my harmonium! What I'm trying to say here is that I will cheer you on every step of the way! I'm your vegan cheerleader!! You have my support! And 2 extra cartwheels for you if you continue to read to the end.

Truth in Labeling: I'm not actually a cheerleader in this photo. I was on the Dance Team. BUT, I do still own pom-poms & I can honestly do a cartwheel. I was cheerleading captain in 7th grade. So there.

 That being said...let's talk about labels that really do matter.

1. PORK. Pork is a pig. An emotional and loving animal, who is probably smarter than your dog. When you eat a pig, you are ingesting all of the stress and fear of this animal's last horrific moments of life. Chops, ham,  bacon, sausage = carcass of intelligent and sentient being. You can't fancy up a dead pig by calling it "pork".

2. BEEF. Beef is another word for the gorgeous and furry cow. After it's been tortured and killed. Some of these animals die piece by piece because the "stunner" missed. A slow an agonizing death is what these animals endure in the name of faster production and fewer cost. All so you can stuff your face with an artery clogging burger. YOUR money is paying for others to do this to animals. And FYI there is also disease and shit in your dead cow...enjoy. Don't believe me? Look it fact here's a legal petition requesting that the USDA require FSIS for DECLARE feces in meat. Gross.

3. VEAL. Veal is a DEAD BABY COW. Who was never allowed to nurse from it's mom. Never allowed to roam around, play, or even TURN AROUND. You cannot make this nicer by calling it Veal. It is horrible. Don't think calves like to play and run around? I disagree. Wanna see?

4. Let's talk dairy for a minute...know anything about how lactation works? Well then you know that in order for a female to produce milk, they first have to be pregnant. So dairy cows are impregnated, give birth, have their babies taken away (see VEAL) so that we can steal their milk, and impregnated again, and again, and again...until they don't produce enough milk for greedy milk drinkers & then they are sent to be killed (see BEEF) at around age 4 or 5 (normal lifespan is about 25). Oh and bye the way...there is pus and blood in your milk from the cows udders being pumped constantly. Want some more truth? Here it is.

5.EGGS. God don't even get me started on eggs. Chickens might be the most abused animal in America. The male chicks are unwanted because the cannot lay eggs, so they are either thrown in a grinder alive or thrown in the trash alive...and guess what? The grinders don't always kill them...they come out the other end partially ground up and fully conscious. Layer Hens are subjected to unspeakable cruelty and disease in battery cages where they cannot even spread their wings or properly stand up. The hens literally go crazy and develop psychotic behaviors in these cages. Not to mention they have their beaks and toes cut off without anesthesia. Then they are sent to slaughter. And did you know that chickens are exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act? That's right, if you thought "humane slaughter" was bad, imagine what these sensitive animals endure. AND THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE YOU EAT EGGS. Want more info? Here.

6.PROCESSING. Processing = killing. Don't church it up.

YOUR money pays for these things to happen. Think you can ignore it? Act like you aren't making a choice each and every time you buy meat, dairy, or eggs? You can pretend all you want, but this goes on every single minute of every single day in staggering number that would knock your panites off. Make the right choice...You need look no further than your heart to find it. Put your dollar into peaceful and non-violent purchases.  If you could not stomach seeing how your food gets to your plate, then how can you justify eating it?

It is easier than ever to be Vegan. And you are not alone! I'll help you! I can answer questions online. If you live within a 20 mile radius of Pittsburgh...I'll come with you on your first shopping trip! If you live within 10 miles of Pittsburgh & make a serious commitment to being vegan (truly vegan), I'll help you cook your first week of dinners! I'm serious! And it's time for you to get serious too.

I promise not to do many aggressive posts like this. I like to keep things light & fun & supportive. But I needed to vent & isn't it wonderful to have a BFF to vent to? Remember I love you. And your choices matter, YOU matter!

The 90's were AWESOME!
So...How many cartwheels do I need to do?      

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