Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mmmmmmm Noodle Soup...

Day ~ 15 Soba Noodle Miso Soup page 103

So, BFF, I love Miso soup & I love noodle soup & I love Bok I was very excited about this recipe....and it did not disappoint! the flavor was wonderful & I loved the addition of the Nori. I have my own Gamashio recipe (from my yoga mentor) that I love and swear by and use on EVERYTHING! But in the spirit of challenge and because I'm trying to incorporate more sea veggies in my diet, I tried Sarah's recipe. And of course I loved it because she is a genius! It was wonderful on top of my noodle soup, I mean soup, I mean noodle soup, damn! I think I may have added too many noodles to this soup, but I really didn't mind. It reminds me of Joey on Friends:

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