Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11 ~ Karen's Mexican Burrito Pie

What a tasty treat this was! I have never thought about cooking avocados before, but it was really delightful! My only problems with this recipe is the number of dirty dishes and utensils it created & it came out of the oven still cold ( I think I may need to invest in an oven thermometer like Sarah recommends). This makes a lot of food! We're going to be eating it for days! Hubs really really liked it too! I used jarred salsa because I had it & didn't want to dirty more dishes...I'm so lazy.

Just look at all those yummy layers!!!! Next time I might use Daiya Pepperjack cheese for a little added kick!

I served it up with my special Mexican rice and fresh jalapenos from my brother!


  1. Looks yummy! Gonna have to make that this week. I don't know about cooking Avo either, gives me the willies. Maybe I will put it on top. If I can figure out how to work my new camera I will put the pix on my site.

    Glad your outlook is more up today!! Hang in there girl!

  2. I couldn't believe how many dishes I created either, i was hoping i wasn't going to be the only one :)